Tips for a Great Newborn Session

Tips for a Great Newborn Session



Newborns are tiny beings for a very short time, that why it’s important to capture these short-lived moments in your baby’s life. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later for documenting all the wonders of their first year.

    • Schedule your newborn portraits when your baby is between one and three weeks. During this time, they sleep a TON and are much easier to wrap and pose.
    • Sessions take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the little one and how things unfold. In other words, expect around 30% of the time spent shooting and 70% cleaning up messes, burping, feeding, cleaning, setting up, etc.
    • Try to schedule your portrait session around your infant’s nap and feeding routine. If possible, feed your infant right before I arrive. This will allow their little tummies to settle and reduce spitting up and fussiness.
    • It is important to have essential items to comfort your infant including a favorite blanket, swaddles, pacifier, diapers, wipes, and anything necessary for feedings.
    • No infant portrait is complete without you, the parents therefore, be prepared to be in some of the shots!
    • Even if you aren’t expecting to be in the photos, treat yourself to a manicure in case you want close-ups of your hands cradling your baby’s head, feet and hands.
    • My work has a photojournalistic approach which means I will be documenting you and your family interacting with the little one in your home.
    • Photos of the baby will be taken by themselves usually swaddled in the crib or naked in your arms.
      • I tend to shoot in areas of the house with the most natural light and least amount of clutter. We can even take a few shots outside if you’re feeling up to it.
    • I will not use any props or baskets unless you specify you want those specific photos, so please let me know!


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    • Infants look adorable with little or no clothing. A onesie, diaper, or a swaddle blanket is usually sufficient.
    • A beanie or stocking caps are always fun to throw into the mix. Anything knit always looks great up close.
    • Newborn clothes tend to bunch up and look bulky on the little one. Your tiny baby can get lost in layers of clothing, so if you want to use an outfit make sure it fits! :)
      • Choose simple swaddles or onesie’s without any crazy patterns or logos. Soft colors tend to bring out your baby’s sweet complexion. Feel free to match your nursery, you may want to frame these and decorate the wall in that room.
    • Avoid mittens or socks on newborns. They leave elastic marks on tiny wrists and ankles. Mittens and booties look adorable on a baby who’s a bit older.


I’ve learned that the best place for newborn sessions in your home.

We have control over the environment and your infant will be more comfortable. If you really want some outdoor images, there are usually plenty of places close to your home like a front or back yard. Most newborn images are taken up close so the background is not super important.

If your house is a mess don’t sweat it! You just had a baby! If you didn’t have a crazy mess going on, anyone would think it a bit strange. Clutter is to be expected. You don’t need a ton of room for the shoot, just a couple cleared up areas like your bedroom or the nursery. The more natural light the better!

A few things about your home that you can do to help before a shoot:

    • Turn up the heat in your home, babies are way easier to shoot when they’re warm and comfortable.
    • Open all the blinds and curtains to let in as much light as possible.
    • Keep baby wipes near by as well as all the different clothing, swaddles and props we might be using.
      • Feed them ahead of time so they’re full and happy, expect to feed them another 3-4 times through out our session.
    • Try to keep the house as quiet as possible during the shoot. Noisy brothers and sisters as well as family dogs should be kept at bay unless they’re in the session.


Take advantage of this shoot to pamper yourself!

For instance, go have your hair and makeup done (you could even have someone come to the house), schedule a massage, or have your nails done. If you’re looking your best you will feel more confident and relaxed for the shoot. 

As far as clothing, you can keep things simple. Solids are best, and try to not wear any busy patterns or bright colors. As far as fabric goes, knit knit knit! Texture is awesome, especially in those close up shots. Layering always hides things nicely and adds interest and texture. 

Lastly, for the guys, it’s simple. Wear something comfortable! Layering always looks great, wear a similar color palette to your family and avoid wearing any graphic t’s or crazy patterns.

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