Barcelona | Heirloom Decor | Business Session

So I’m in Barcelona having dinner at Santagustina in El Borne mowing down on my oysters and tuna tartar tapas when I realize we’re sitting next to a woman from Southern California. We go to talking about our travels and how amazing Barcelona is. The incredible shopping, artisans boutiques, and home decor the city had to offer was unbelievable. Milena was actually on her way to Morocco the following day to look at textiles and rugs for her business. Turns out she’s an interior designer and has her own boutique design business in Newport Beach, CA. She had just purchased, renovated and decorated a pent house apartment in El Borne right next to the Arc de Triompf and needed photos of the space. I couldn’t have said YES! fast enough and headed there the very next day to take photos and capture her beautiful space.

The apartment was incredible, a labor of love to be sure. Her attention to detail and ability to combine refined elegance and colorful modern elements in a harmonious way was very impressive. She’s also a lovely person and loves what she does for a living. If you’re ever in need of a decorator be sure to look her up! Her store is called Heirloom Decor and is in Newport Beach, CA. USA.