Jordan | Travel Journal

Jordan, I’m speechless. This vast, undeveloped landscape is home to some of the most welcoming people I’ve ever met. There’s a stereotype about this part of the world that it’s not safe but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I felt so safe the entire time. You could leave your purse in the car and no one would take it.

From riding in a Jeep through desert terrain to experiencing the treasury in Petra National Park, every moment was mind-blowing. Below are some of my favorite captures of camel races in Wadi Rum, delicious food, and EPIC sunsets. This trip was exhausting in the best way because at the end I felt like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft all mixed into one! Check out the images and my top ten Jordan tips below!

Pro-tip: many people think Petra is the treasury. However, Petra is actually a huge national park which the famous treasury is inside of. Don’t get that confused! The treasury is by far the most visited but the rest of the park deserves attention too.

Wadi Rum
We stayed in luxury tents beneath the stars. Most importantly, by staying here you’re close to camel races, jeep ride launch points, and of course the epic sunsets.

Scuba diving in Aqaba
If you’re a licensed scuba diver this place is one of my top spots. If you’re not it’s not a bad spot to get your license either!

Hire a tour guide
The best spot to do this is at the local mini-mart. Don’t try to book it ahead of time. If you wait you’ll end up with a more authentic experience. Our guides became friends at the end of our tour and because of this I feel like I know the country on a deeper level.

Wadi-Mujib Canyon
Also known as Slot Canyon. It’s not pictured here but is absolutely stunning.

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