Old Ballard | Kris & Skye | Surprise Proposal

I received the most adorable couples shoot request from Ms. Skye who went into great detail about how she and Kris wound up together against all odds. They met years ago and went on only a few dates before Skye was sent off to school. Two years later, they reconnected and rekindled the fire as though no time had passed. Next, off went Kris to flight school and assignment in the military. Once they were finally reunited, they moved to Washington and are determined more than ever to stick together! 

And stick together they shall…thanks to a trick up Kris’s sleeve. After he found out that Skye booked with me, he contact me secretly to set the stage for his big surprise–he was going to pop the question during the photoshoot!  “Skye is my best friend. She makes me happier than anyone ever will. And I have been wanting to ask her a very important question for some time.” He had the most amazing kind things to say about her. I was incredibly excited for them both and I couldn’t wait for the big day.

So here it is…their once in a lifetime moment. Full of surprise, love, disbelief, and joy. Talk about touching.