Red Barn Jewelry | Hand Made Jewelry by Stacia Davis | Business Session

Stacia Davis has some serious talent when it comes to making jewelry. So much so that her hands look like she was up all hours of the night molding and wire wrapping. When she asked me to photograph her work and create product catalogs for her line I was super excited! This has been such an in-depth project…it’s always fun to flex my old graphic design muscles again. I can’t wait to get started on her upcoming Fall line!

A bit about Stacia: She has quite the following in Leavenworth, WA and she just completed the grand opening of her first boutique in Bellingham, WA. Her work is inspired by nature and created with love. It speaks for itself. Stacia’s kind spirit, contagious laughter, and positivity is addicting to be around. It’s been a compelling and inspiring experience to work with someone so dedicated and passionate about what they do.

Check out her work at www.redbarnjewelry.com and give her a ‘like’ on Facebook! You can find her jewelry line in local boutiques and it’s also available for wholesale. Stay tuned…the Fall 2014 line is coming out soon!