Tips for a Successful Boudoir Session

So you’ve booked your boudoir session, then you think…now what?!? Well, that’s what I’m here to cover with you. Before I get started on anything I want to empathize that the more genuine to your personality and personal style you are the more successful of a boudoir session you will have. You will feel comfortable and much more relaxed than you would if you went into the day feeling like you were playing dress up. These things really do show in the images we create, so be you!

First Things First…

I recommend taking to the internet to see some photos and get some ideas. You can head over to some of my previous boudoir blog posts to check them out or scan pinterest for some ideas. Pinterest is particularly handy for this. Find boudoir images that you are drawn too and figure out what they have in common, if anything. Do the have similar poses? Do they have similar colors? Do they have similar hair or makeup? (I like to keep the session as natural as possible, fun and sexy, lots of laughter). From here you can begin to visualize what type of session you want. Are you more into the tom-boy vibe or do you want something a little more va-va-voom? Do you like images that are more minimalistic and clean? Vibrant and colorful? Dark and gritty? To keep the photos timeless and something you’ll love even years on try to keep the accessories to a minimum and stay away from anything too trendy or cliche.

What to Wear…

The best place to start shopping is your own closet. What would you choose to wear if you wanted to look and feel your very best? Have fun and be adventurous here. Hit the shops with an honest, fashion-savy friend. Try to find outfits and lingerie that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident and outstandingly sexy. Lingerie can be super hot, but sometimes a pair of cotton panties and a tight white t-shirt can be even sexier! Whatever you decide to wear just make sure you are choosing something that feels like you! Personalize your day by bringing along something that’s meaningful to both you and your significant other. This could be anything from a necklace that they gave you for your anniversary to his favorite oversized shirt.

Right After Booking Your Boudoir Session…

  • Make sure to book your hair and makeup apt so you end up with someone you’re comfortable with that gets your vision
  • Book your waxing (if you do so) for one week prior to our session
  • Book a haircut/color if you choose to do so one week prior to our session
  • Get that mani-pedi one or two days prior to our session
  • Discuss shoot locations with your photographer to have a good understanding of the styling and vibe you’re going for.

The Week Before Your Shoot…Hair, Nails and Skin-Oh MY!

  • Drink Plenty of water, we all know that water gives us glowing skin so start now on making sure to avoid alcohol and sugary/diet drinks.
  • Waxing. If you do so, make sure to have it done a few days before your shoot to avoid any redness or bumps associated with it. This includes your eyebrows.
  • If you are having your hair cut or colored, give yourself a few extra days to make sure you love it.
  • DO NOT SPRAY TAN, I repeat, DO NOT SPRAY TAN. Anything from streaks to the skin showing up much more orange in camera, it’s just not a look you’re going to want to have in your images.
  • Try on your outfits/lingerie one last time to make sure everything fits, remove all tags (including the inside labels).
  • Book a reservation at a great new restaurant or an old fave for the night of your session for you and your significant other or girl-friends. Just plan on making a date night after your boudoir session. You are going to look amazing so make the most of it!

1-2 days prior to your shoot…

  • Get those nails done – any sooner than this and they may chip and we want them looking fresh.
  • Scrub down. Find a nice sugar or salt scrub and exfoliate that skin. We want that good glow going on for the photos.
  • Shave and moisturize.
  • Pack everything you will need to bring to the shoot. Heels…check! Touch up makeup…check!
  • Be sure to bring more outfit options that you think you will need. That way you and your photographer can go over everything together before the session and decide what outfits will work the best.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the hotel/studio/location of your choice without stress. Double check those travel times.
  • Get a good nights rest.

The day of…

  • Eat light throughout the day, but please do make sure you are eating.
  • Use only clear or no deodorant.
  • Get a lil’ bottle of champagne to take the edge off!
  • Have you ever looked in the mirror after you take off tight clothing like socks, bras, panties, tight pants? Yeah, those red marks we want to avoid them. Come to the shoot naked, only kidding, but please do wear loose-fitting clothing.
  • Hair and makeup should be completed at least 30 mins prior to our session beginning.
  • RELAX! It’s completely normal to be nervous in front of the camera. Give me 10 minutes and you’ll be laughing and be totally in the moment enjoying feeling sexy and having fun!

Check out my boudoir work to see what sessions are like and to get a feel for my shooting style.