I'm a lighthearted, tree-hugging, bad ass multi-tasking, cat loving adventurous spirit. I believe in trying new things, traveling as much as possible and loving my people hard. Weekends are for weddings, outdoor adventures, farmers markets, eating out, or having a spa day with my ladies.

Years ago I spent all my time abroad walking through bazaars camera in hand in search of mind-blowing street food and riding scooters through palm tree groves. I fell in love with capturing the uniqueness of it all: the color and happenings, the places and the people. I was living the dream and letting the worlds cultures wash over me. Photography chose me and I was hooked, It gave me balance, perspective, and allowed me to see things in a different light.

After 40 countries and years of living from place to place, I became restless and was ready to come home to the Pacific Northwest. I missed the smell of rain, my roots, and being surrounded by all the beauty that is the PNW. It was time to make a living doing something I was passionate about. I wanted to work hard, discover new relationships, and create something bigger than myself.

Nowadays you'll find me decked in camera gear rallying a rowdy wedding party, talking boys with a senior girl during her portrait session, or on a mountain top with a newly engaged couple laughing our asses off. I love every one of my clients that trusts me to capture their story.

It's an honor. Every. Single. Time.

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