what I love

Yoda is no jedi knight...but he's so cute he's fuggly like the little green wise one we know and love. He likes head butts and can open cupboards (if there's treats inside). Zozo is tall dark and hansom. He can do the puss n' boots eyes and follows me EVERYWHERE.


As you've probably noticed, I've got a mean case of wanderlust...I've got it bad. I always have. I try to get out of the country at least twice a year. Travel grounds me, gives me perspective, and refreshes my creativity with every trip I take. Check out my travel log for this years adventures!


Yes, I'm a PNW native, but the reason I decided to make a home here after my years of traveling was because of the mind blowing landscapes, bodies of water and outdoor adventurists activities. I mean where else can you backpack, camp, ski, kayak, and beach comb within an hour drive from the city?!


Seattle has one of the most culturally diverse assortment of restaurants in the world and the competition is fierce. I absolutely love eating out with my people and trying new delicious foods over a bottle of vino and good conversation. 


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