I'm a fun-loving, tree-hugging, bad ass multi-tasking, cat belly-rubbing, adventurous spirit. I think you should try everything once and always give people the benefit of the doubt. Weekends are for weddings, hitting the slopes, going for a hike or having a spa days with my ladies. Life is short, and I consider every day to be a gift and a chance to become better and try something new!

Years ago I spent all my time in random foreign countries, walking through bazaars, balancing my camera with some mind-blowing street food - or swinging from palm trees over crystal blue water drinking out of a coconuts. Seriously! Anyhow I fell in love with capturing the uniqueness of it all: the color and happenings, the places and the people. I was all about living in the moment and letting all those different cultures wash over me. It was photographer's paradise!

 Of course, I finally ran out of resources and realized that I needed some R&R! I missed the Pacific Northwest and my loved ones. I missed the smell of rain and being surrounded by pine trees. When I came home and started my photography business, I discovered that what really made my heart sing was YOU! Your world, your relationships, all the things. Monkeys and tropical beaches are amazing and all, but capturing the human connection is what it's all about. Most of all, I love every one of my clients that trusts me to capture their story. It's an honor. Every. Single. Time.

Nowadays you'll find me decked in camera gear rallying a rowdy wedding party, talking boys and relationships with a senior girl during her portrait session, or maybe on a mountain trail with a newly engaged couple laughing my ass off and getting dirty. Going on adventures with my clients is the best thing in the world...life is good. :) 

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